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Pioneer of Cerebellar Development

Many of you have probably never heard of the cerebellum before, but it is one of the most important parts of my research. Sometimes known as the ‘brain’s brain’, the cerebellum is responsible for the automation of fundamental skills. These skills include visual and auditory processing, spatial awareness, verbal and social interaction.  The cerebellum has been at the heart of my research since starting withZING, it has been overlooked for decades by most neuroscientists, with most missing the importance of it. Think of it as the part of the brain that matures us and hardwires the rest of the brain to create skills and automate processes to make our lives easier. I am obsessed with finding out how best to help the cerebellum and stimulate development, so those skills become more effortless, automatic and natural.


The cerebellum became so important to me, and I hope it becomes important to you as well. This is the part of our brain that helps us with our writing, reading,  the way we create relationships, confidence and communication. Imagine having the ability to improve your confidence for public speaking, or developing more friendships. It all starts here, with the cerebellum.  I call myself a pioneer in the cerebellum because there is simply no one else that is solely focused on stimulating the cerebellum and making the connections. Recently, research has been developing as neuroscientists realize that the cerebellum plays a far larger role in cognition. But there is such a way to go to fully understand the nuance of the cerebellum, and how it can really impact us in daily life. Most labels of ADHD/ADD/Autism can be related back to poor connections within the cerebellum, when it is not fully developed it can cause key symptoms that are evident in these learning struggles. My key aim with this research is to help children. My life’s mission is to help as many children who are struggling to study as possible. I’ve seen the effects it can have on the whole family, and I don’t want another parent or child to have to experience it ever again. Let’s support our children through the education system and help them grow to be independent, confident and loving young adults.


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