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Here’s How To Help Your Child Read Better

Do you wish your child could read better?  Stop worrying right now because the majority of children who struggle to read are actually very bright. Through 18 years of researching how to make that critical connection in the brain (the bright brain that most mums suspect is there) I have helped thousand of children with their reading.

Why do 1 in 4 children struggle with reading? And why do so many parents wrongly assume that they must have done something wrong? Often wrongly the parents blame themselves with reasons like it must be something in their DNA that they’ve transferred to the child, or as a parent they haven’t inspired them to read enough. Well I want to make you feel better on all counts right now. So why is it that some children struggle to read? Often it is blamed on them not being very bright, this is wrong and is often in truth is the opposite! You have only got to look at some of the most successful millionaires to discover that many of them struggle with reading.  Poor eye tracking causes scrambled letters which results in difficulties seeing patterns in and recognising words.

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